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Notes from Dave:

Choosing the right fan for each job is the most important tool a mitigator can use. Each site is unique and it is our job as mitigators to be educated on how that affects our fan selection.

At David Smith Radon, we are here to assist you with fan selections and work everyday with mitgators during the process of choosing fans.

We include fan performance charts in all customer orders as a quick reference guide and post short how-to educational videos on YouTube to help answer common questions. Of course if you have a question, feel free to call us!

What Our FANS Are Saying!

Thank you for approaching me about trying the AMG line of fans by Festa.  

I am now saving money on a superior fan, getting unbelievable results and receiving unsurpassed customer service from your company and staff.

Flint Sampson

Radon Resolutions

The first thing we noticed when we began using Festa Manufacturing radon fans is how well they are built!

They are built heavier, run smoothly, and are quieter than radon fans that I have used in the past.

James Nelson

Nelson Radon

Just wanted to take some time to let you guys know how much I appreciate your support over the last couple years. Your personalized approach is something I haven't experienced with any other supplier EVER. Taking time out of your schedule to train me and my team was truly a blessing.
My team now has the knowledge to not only install systems that will perform at the best of their ability but are also some of the best looking systems around. Your constantly improving things here and there and it's not going unnoticed. A big "Atta boy" to you and your team. Thanks much and I wish you guys continued success in 2018. 

Randall Boyd

Assure Home Inspection

I've been a radon mitigator for 13 years.  Three years ago I got more than three calls from nagging salesmen named David Smith.  Well, I decided to finally listen to him.   I had a job having trouble getting it down he told me put an AMG Eagle fan on it, so I ordered one to try . The fan did the job!  (And I got it cheaper than fan I had on it)   I was hooked.  I found out that David knows his fans and radon mitigation. I call him anytime, and he'll will give me a answer.  He is very knowledgeable!  If you want to improve your business.... call Dave!

Kevin Null

BE THE BEST Learn From Our Free Video Library

David Smith and his team is here to help you succeed.   We've created a library of video content designed to help you stay ahead of the curve of technology and innovation in the Radon Mitigation business.