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Hi! I'm David Smith,
Owner of David Smith Radon.

My passion for the radon industry has been there since day one: 20 years ago when I received my radon license. I have put all my efforts into gaining more respect for the radon industry through education, research and honest, high quality mitigation practices.

At David Smith Radon we pride ourselves on being a family owned business with radon mitigators' best interest at heart.

My wife, Sue, and I started a radon mitigation business in Illinois in 1998 and have been active members of the radon industry since. When we started our business, we decided our priority was to provide our community with the best quality products and service. Twenty years later, we have been able to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

As we've expanded into our radon products business, the priority has been the same: 100% customer satisfaction, with high quality products that provide our customers with the best solutions possible. In 2016, we added Lynn, my daughter, to the wholesale product team.

All three Smith family members have worked in the field several years and are in the of office every day. Our knowledge of radon mitigation along with our understanding of fans are always available to you.

We believe proper fan selection is one of the most valuable keys to success. We are well versed in the different topographies across the US and the challenges they present to radon professionals. Our wide reach of information allows us to be a good resource for concerns and dificult mitigations.

In short, our goal is to help in any way possible, and we look forward to helping your business grow.


Below:  Gary, David, Sue, Lynn

David Smith Radon Team