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Cable Ferret 720p WiFi Inspection Camera

Frustrated with a lack of visibility and accessibility when working in dark, confined or hard to reach places?


The new Ferret WiFi uses latest technology electronics allowing us to stream high definition video to smart devices in real time. This is unmatched in its quality and functionality and is suitable for Electrical, Plumbing, Builders, DIY, HVAC, Lighting, Cable Pulling, Building inspections and installations. Regardless of your industry the Ferret is used for a wide range of uses and environments.



  • Small camera size, streams directly to Smart Devices (recommended iOS v8 or later, Android v6 or later)
  • Wireless range of up to 40’
  • Crisp clear image with 720p high resolution real time video
  • Easy to use, intuitive App allows you to have more control over the camera resulting in better visibility and picture quality
  • Capture video and photos directly in your smart device
  • Adjustable LED brightness (3 levels)
  • Camera battery level shown on the App
  • Saves photo and video directly on the phone, making them always accessible, so the user can easily email or text the photo or video through to a customer for quoting or proof of work
  • The WiFi edition kit includes a USB Type-C battery charge cable, camera thread adaptors to suit most fish sticks/glow rods, camera gooseneck, short rod/hook/magnet and instruction manual provided in a compact EVA case.
  • Gets the job done quicker, safer and smarter